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The Negative Capability Blog 

What is Priming?

Have you noticed that some things affect people’s mood or behaviour without them seeming to notice?

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Do The Right Thing

Why Do the Right Thing will become the most important strategy for successful organisations in the future. And four pointers as to what what you can do about that if you agree.

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Two good reasons not to trust yourself (with data)

Here are two reasons you might not want to trust just your instincts, experience and training when deciding what research findings or data mean – especially if they are to do with something you’re really knowledgeable about or expert in.

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What does VUCA world mean?

What does VUCA world mean? Where did the acronym come from and what do the letters define? What are the implications for you and your organisation?

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Big game hunting

What can a new approach to coaching elite team sport teach us about how to thrive in uncertainty and unearth game changing insight in customer research?

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Go see the beauty

What can a computer beating a human at the ancient game of Go tell us about how to understand uncertainty better: to see beauty in a threat?

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