MLxP for HR

A staff survey that actually changes things

MLxP for HR

A staff survey that actually changes things

Make staff surveys and social platforms effective tools for improvement

MLxP can be used to create dialogue-based research that unearths true insight about employee engagement, morale and motivation. At the same time it will involve employees in a highly productive process to create hundreds of ideas for improving engagement, morale and motivation.

  MLxP is for you if:

  • You are sick of the same employee survey saying the same thing year on year

  • You want to move quickly from insight to action

  • You want to create an honest, constructive dialogue about how to improve

  • You are attracted by the benefits of a ‘scaled’ or ‘enterprise’ Agile management approach but know it’s not going happen any time soon at your place

MLxP draws on proven techniques and technology to create highly productive projects. These projects are designed specifically for you. Although they draw on the same process and tools each project is bespoke tailored to a client’s objectives, style and culture.

As part of an MLxP project for you we would:

  • Lead a strategic process that will set out your intent in clear terms relating this to your wider business goals, identifying specific desired outcomes and the means to achieve these.
  • Lead a research phase amongst all levels of the business (and customers and partners if desired)  that will unearth the most important issues to pay attention to amongst you workforce and their experience working at your organisation.
  • Design and test a collective act of creativity. This will engage as wide a group as possible of your colleagues to mine your important relevant data sources for insight. By brining their collective attention to bear in highly focused way we can unlock dozens of ideas for how to engage, motivate, organise, train and reward people relevant to your organisation’s aims and culture.
  • Train a core team of facilitators at your organisation so that they can design and manage MLxP based projects and workshops in support of HR and Organisational Development.
  • Create a rich report of the process with an analysis of the emergent issues and thinking and recommendations for action.

The world moves pretty fast. Your colleagues’ expectations and experiences of working at your organisation are fast evolving. We can help you work with them to make sense of that, adapt and thrive. Creativity, engagement, flexibility, energy.