Anyone learning to play guitar soon comes across tablatur, or Tab web based collaboration tools.  It’s a simple  diagrammatic way of writing down what the guitarist needs to play, that doesn’t rely on an understanding of traditional musical notation.

However, Tab doesn’t convey rhythm or timing. It tells you what to play, not how.  You need to hear someone play the tune before you can – just once might do it, but it makes all the difference.


It’s all well and good the boss describing the company values and such like but it’s pretty hard to figure out exactly what they all mean until someone shows you. If they do though, after a bit of practice, you’ll be riffing on them and people will even start copying you. Before long, face-melting, freestyle solos will be breaking out all over.

Because after all, its hearing music that inspires people to learn, not reading the Tab. That’s worth remembering next time someone suggests publishing a screensaver of company values.