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Executive Coaching

The airplane safety card advises that in an emergency adults fit their own oxygen mask before attending to any children in their care.  As a leader everyone comes to you looking for inspiration, strength, confidence, guidance and answers. Where do you go?

Coaching is one of the most important tools to develop your skills, effectiveness and job satisfaction as a senior executive. Coaching is time for self reflection with the help of an experienced, skilled, respected individual who is focused on nothing but you and your needs – professional or personal. Access to a good coach is increasingly regarded as a fundamental resource for any senior executive. Coaching can be employed at times of particular intensity or as a regular feature of the working month.

About you

You are a normal human being. You are not superhuman. You can always be better. The only way you can absorb all of the many demands your role and colleagues place on you – and the high standards you set for yourself – is to realise that the most vital time that you spend is the time you spend on yourself. The most important investment you can make is in your own self-knowledge, resilience and development. The challenges of our increasingly complex working environments can’t be charted on a straight line. The most intensely felt need cannot be anticipated in advance – you can’t book a two day training course today and slot it into your diary in time to deal with whatever will be keeping you awake at night three months from now.  This is why you need a level of support that is highly flexible, expert, experienced and responsive to your situation. Utterly confidential, utterly honest, utterly supportive. Utterly you.

‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom’ Socrates

About me

Over 25 years of providing consultancy at board level, the soul of my most successful projects has been a coaching relationship with the executive sponsor. This coaching unearths personal goals related to a project. These might be developing skills such as personal impact, team leadership, presentation or negotiation. They might be deliverables such as creating and gaining buy-in to a strategy, hitting a target or leading a change.  Or they may be personal, such as dealing with stress, personal effectiveness or job satisfaction.

I also offer Executive Coaching as a standalone service on a regular or ad hoc basis.

You’re a successful person. I can help you find more in yourself and your role. To do this I won’t rely on any one methodology or approach but instead focus on building the strength of our coaching relationship*. The bedrock of this is a deep understanding of your needs and motivations  – perhaps articulating them to a degree that even you were unaware of. I will then help you identify an intent – one or a number of skills, outcomes or personal goals that give a clear direction for our time together. This coaching relationship will create the space for you to give your most precious intentions your undivided and intense attention.

You are unique. There is only one way to find you how coaching with me can address your most pressing needs in the context of your working life.

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*Meta analysis of research into the effectiveness of Executive Coaching shows that the strength of the coaching relationship is the common factor in Executive Coaching that has a demonstrable positive impact. Read about it here